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Love this bike. Lightweight and very easy to handle.

Just bought the bike because of style and power.
The only hesitation I had was that the D50 uses a Cadence sensor instead of a Torque sensor... but the price point was excellent compared to other brands with torque sensors.

Large 400 lbs carrying capacity

Comes in a size that works for tall people;

Built in headlight, tail light, fenders, and rack;

What more could you ask for!

Good style and form factor given the specs, not clunky with the battery;

I love the fact that the D50 comes in just two sizes with each size accommodating a wide range of people heights so you can easily share the bike with other members of the family.

Great Bike

Just picked my trike yesterday in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. We ordered it a while ago but it finally arrived on Sunday. We bought it from Mark Brown at Nova Scotia adventure outfitter. Very nice man and he put my trike together and went throuly to the entire bike function. As it is a folding trike, my husband put it in the SUV with no problem. Whe we arrived home I tried my new trike and immediately fell in love with it. I am very happy with it and I will try it later on this week when the weather is nice. I am senior and it is perfect for me.

500w Ebike kit RW

I'm very happy with my ebike kit build went very smooth installation video was great

ENVO D35 Electric Bike
Richard Earnshaw
Seems to be an all-round winner

This us my second eBike. I wanted something a little smaller more fir road use. I did upgrade the tires, and thus the fenders. It is responsive and handles well. You do need to work the gears and assist more than my 750 w bike but that's to be expected. All bike manufactures need to change the brightness of the screen to full, even with your lights on. Who actively rides at night,?

ENVO D35 Electric Bike
Jared Whiting
Nice Bike!

Only 30 km to date, on & off road, some with dog chariot, and the bike is performing well. Assembly was straight forward and the bike shifts great and brakes well right out of the box! I’m still getting used to the power assist but pedalling is smooth and have only used 1/3 of the battery’s indicated charge despite some hilly terrain & off road riding. Feeling good about my purchase so far!

Envo Stax

Wonderful bike. Thank you. Colleen

Game Changer

My partner and I each have a Lynx 20". We pack them in the bed of the truck for camping trips or stuff them into our older Rav4 to hit the trails. We have also gone island hopping on BC Ferries as it is free to take them.
My only desire is that it would be great if it had shocks on the front forks for a smoother ride. Would the forks on the FLEX model fit???

Great e-bike

I am loving my new Envo ST.
The you-tube video on assembly was a necessity for a novice biker but otherwise I am having a grand ol’ time riding to work and back.

ENVO ST Electric Bike
Lester Dmello
What a buy !

It's only been 3 weeks since I've had the Envo St and when someone asks me if I like it ?....Well I've done 300km in 10 days. I love this bike , the motor and battery are awesome, get so much range on pedal assist 1.
I was originally planning to get the Aventon Pace but I am so glad I got this instead, the seat and front suspension make such a big difference. I've ridden this on gravel, pavement, trails and parks. The throttle is responsive, the gears shift well and the seat is comfortable.
Will give a more comprehensive review after a few months , for now I'm thrilled with my purchase.

Happy customers = happy life !

This was the 1 st Lynx we brought in ,of what i'm sure will be MANY, to follow. Thank's Envo ! Respectfully, Kim Alexander-pres. Fox River Sports

A great product

I did have to do some mods on it - had to machine it to allow for the higher and wider water bottle bosses on my frame, but it solved my mounting issue. Would be nice if shipping were a bit more reasonable.

Flex Electric Snowbike
Fox River Sports
Fantastic ! all we need is snow.

Thank-you ! Envo - we look forward to vending your fine quality products at Fox River Sports & just secured an entry into this years Christmas Parade to display the Sno-bike on a trailer .

Some things.

Well it would be good if there is a lock for the seat post. Maybe even a way to track with your phone. Wouldn't be bad turn signals.


Works perfect for my needs. Bravo!!!

Awesome ebike

Bought the Envo D35 ebike and we love it!!
Gorgeous bike. I did however change my seat as I'm old and need a comfy cushiony wider seat 😊👍

Easy good you tube video

Easy to repair

Lacking information

I purchased an open box 20" Envo ebike, so I thought I should add extended warranty to be on the safe side. When the bike arrived it had no paper work, instructions, or any info about the warranty. I'm not really sure what my $60 investment includes. It would be nice to know that if my bike needs repairs or replacement parts, I can get it locally and submitted receipts. But so far I haven't found any info on that. On the other hand by ebike is awesome. Battery life is wonderful. Bike is very sturdy and well made, lots of power.. It's very comfortable to ride. Bought a second one for my Husband. Hopefully service won't be a problem.

Hi Kathy,

Your order details and warranty information is saved in our CRM, whenever you need to get in touch please submit a ticket and our team would be able to help you with your query!

So far, so good!

I've only gone out on a couple of test rides, but so far the Lynx 20 has surpassed my expectations. Easy to setup (I bought a demo model with superficial blemishes) the bike itself rides like a dream. The battery charged up fairly quickly, and since I had operating experience after purchasing a Lynx 16, was familiar with the way the bike works. The powerful rear motor is fairly quiet, delivering ample torque, and I found the seat and handlebars to be comfy. The bike rides high, and I'm used to mounting bicycles that are not step through. Takes a bit of getting used to :-). [4 stars instead of 5 because no-one listens to 5 stars :-)] Oh, and the staff at EBike BC are super nice and reactive when there are questions. BTW Canpar delivers broken boxes, so be careful...I'm in Montreal, and the delivery box had a huge hole in the end...and I ended up with a missing cover bag. Ebike BC told me they'd send me a replacement - FAB!

Vélo électrique D35

J’aime beaucoup mon nouveau vélo, livraison et montage du vélo ont bien été

E35 Electric Scooter
Shirley Madrigal
Amazing 🤩

Inglés: Scooter is everything I was looking for, super fast, the battery does not last long but if enough, it is a bit complicated to fill the back tire, it is always necessary to carry the tool, but in general I am very happy with my purchase

Love it!

So far I love this bike! I’m new to ebiking and this one is comfortable, smooth, easy to operate and adjust. I plan on getting it tuned up yearly by a professional but so far it’s great. The only thing I would change is when it’s in 1st gear the chain rubs on the tire, so I won’t use 1st if I can help it.


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