D50 Complete Conversion kit 500W

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  • Optimized design geared hub wheel motor kit with down tube water bottle mount Li-Ion battery
  • 500W Rated, 750W Max Power
  • Max Speed 40km/h (Settings limited to 32km/h in compliance with regulations)
  • Max Torque 80Nm

Suitable For:

  • Bicycles with triangular frame and water bottle mounting screws
  • Commutes with extreme road condition
  • People above 100kg weight,
  • Ultra high performance high torque and fast
  • Continuous up-hills with 7-15% road grade
  • Below 7Kg powerful and high range electric bike


Battery Capacity* Required

  • EbikeBC parts Dolphin Battery 2 min e1511317146569EbikeBC parts Dolphin Battery 2 min
    Dolphin Battery 16Ah
    C$ 790.00

    Out of stock

  • ENVO BatteryENVO Battery
    ENVO Battery 36V 12.8Ah for Electric Bike
    C$ 650.00

    Available on backorder

  • 20200210 155209 scaled20200210 155209 scaled
    ENVO Battery 36V 10.4Ah for Electric Bike
    C$ 550.00

    Available on backorder

  • bottle battery6 minbottle battery6 min
    Bottle battery 7.8Ah
    C$ 365.00

    Out of stock

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Controlling System* Required

  • ebikebc controlling systems 1ebikebc controlling systems 1
    LCD3 20A Controller System
    C$ 354.00
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Motor* Required

  • EbikeBC parts Rim 20 1 minEbikeBC parts Rim 20 1 min
    Rear Hub Motor (500W)
    C$ 525.00C$ 605.00
  • EbikeBC parts Rim 24 front 1 minEbikeBC parts Rim 24 front 1 min
    Front Hub Motor (500W)
    C$ 370.00C$ 505.00
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36V Head Light* Optional

  • EbikeBC headlightEbikeBC headlight
    LED Headlight double 36V
    C$ 35.00
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36V Tail Light* Optional

  • 20200116 145547 scaled20200116 145547 scaled
    LED Rear Light
    C$ 35.00
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Clamp nut* Optional

  • triple bob settriple bob set
    Triple Battery Clamp Nut
    C$ 33.00

    Out of stock

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Torque Arm* Optional

Suitable only for Front Hub Motor

  • IMG 28841 scaledIMG 28841 scaled
    Torque arm - Front (Suitable only for regular forks; not suspension forks)
    C$ 19.00
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19 reviews for D50 Complete Conversion kit 500W

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    Really happy with my 500W front tire motor, battery, and controller.

    Really happy with my 500W front tire motor, battery, and controller. I was grateful to find someone who knows what they're doing and appreciate all the advice on the website and quick responses as I was trying to figure out what to buy. You shipped out really fast and I found everything I needed in the box to put it together in an afternoon. I was looking for a boost for my Trek DS2 and find though it's a little heavier, it's still very rideable when the motor's off and gives me a 'get up the hill / take it easy' feature any time I want it. Great job guys – highly recommend people talk to you if they're thinking of doing something like this.

    July 18, 2020
  • Avatar

    Mark Franklin

    Minus 10 degrees - loving it!!!

    Minus 10 degrees – loving it!!!

    December 16, 2019
  • Avatar

    Ken Norwick

    I am back on the road with my eBikeBC conversion.

    Thanks so much for the quick response to my request for a new PAS sensor last week. It arrived quickly and has been installed with no issue. I am back on the road with my eBikeBC conversion.

    September 27, 2019
  • Avatar

    Ian Herries

    Transport my two Westies

    How I transport my two Westies,

    February 6, 2019
  • Avatar

    Jerry M Lester

    I just cannot express in words what a gift this has been to my life

    I was undecided of where to buy a Ebike new or convert my trusted Trek. Being 74 years old I went for the conversion and let me say what a blessing this has been for me. I was riding about 10 miles a day but now I can get 20 to 30 miles very easy. Let me say that EbikeBC is a great company and what the promised they made it happen. The kit I got was a 36 volt 13AH 500 watt front hub which took me about four hours to put together. Not every bike is the same and it might take longer for others. I just cannot express in words what a gift this has been to my life.

    December 19, 2018
  • Avatar

    Ken Yapp

    Kit was very simple to use and the performance was acceptable

    Bought a conversion kit for my Fat bike and had it installed by ebikebc since it came with a warranty. Upon completion of the installation within a week, the bike looked fabulous. Had the bike tested the next day and I couldn’t have been happier by the performance and power of the bike. The kit was very simple to use and the performance was acceptable. I would and have recommended the kit to a few of my friends.

    September 10, 2018
  • Avatar

    Ken Yapp

    Thank you Ali and to your team for a marvellous job done 🤘

    I was going to order a kit from Amazon by ebikebc.com. The kit was for a Fat Bike with all parts inclusive. I ended up purchasing it from ebikebc.com in Vancouver because the store would install it for an additional cost of $190 with warranty. The person I dealt with Ali and the installation took a week to be completed. It was a job well done and I had enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Ali and to your team for a marvellous job done 🤘

    July 30, 2018
  • Avatar


    Discover Vancouver’s beauties!!!

    Come on! Discover Vancouver’s beauties!!! Ebike BC was powerful and fun enough to get me to leave my car in the garage!!! I had a great experience with them! By just adding a small Kit to my bike, now I can pedal 16 km to my job and back every day without breaking a sweat! Enjoying fresh air, beautiful lanes and of course practicing my music!!!

    May 12, 2018
  • Avatar

    Brad (Calgary Alberta)

    Motor is powerful and super quiet

    18 km one way commute to work was getting a bit sweaty at times. Tired of bringing along multiple changes of clothes and getting up earlier to make the ride on time and get cleaned up before everyone arrives at the office. Added a D50 kit to a 50$ bike I purchased off Kijiji (which there are many 80s bikes for dirt cheap but still run great). The bike” takes” me to work in the morning and I can pedal as hard as I want on the way home for exercise. Absolutely amazing. Actually faster than my car as I avoid the traffic snarls. Motor is powerful and super quiet. I passed a couple of roadies going up a hill on the way to work and I don’t think they realized I was on an e-bike. Although I’m sure they tried – they couldn’t pull the 500watts. Must have been something watching a guy in dress pants blow past them. Thanks guys.

    May 9, 2018
  • Avatar

    Jean-Luc Poupart

    Thanks for the great product

    Just to let you know that my son and I have completed the e-trike conversion kit on my HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS. It was a challenge but with Ali’s recommendations, the on-line videos and some improvisions, we got it going. It is great and I am impressed with how it works. I find that level 1 is plenty of assistance… at level 5 it must be like a bullet!!!!…at least very fast!! I am ready for summer!!! Thanks for the great product. It does work on a recumbent trike… PS.. As a suggestion, an optional throttle for the right hand side would be great. I had to install it in a way that the wiring was pointing downward and that made the actual throttle on the other side of the handle.

    April 30, 2018

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