envo lynx 16 ebike side view
Lynx 16"
envo lynx 16 electric bike front view
Lynx 16"
envo lynx 16 e-bike rear view
Lynx 16"
envo lynx 16 electric bike seat
ENVO Lynx-16
ENVO Lynx-16
ENVO Lynx-16
ENVO Lynx-16
ENVO Lynx-16
ENVO Lynx-16

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Lynx 16"

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Lynx 16"

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Size Chart

Size Chart

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ENVO Lynx -16" Folding eBike

The ENVO LYNX is a stylish, efficient and fold able electric bike – perfect for so many applications. Capable of supporting up to 100 kg / 6’2” riders, the Lynx 16 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a bike that is compact and easy to transport.
Well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure, the lightweight LYNX fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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    Weight: 14.5 KG

    Battery: 36V 6.4Ah LG/Panasonic

    Motor: Geared hub motor, 250W rated, 40Nm torque

    Frame: Custom Drawn T6-Aluminum Foldable e-bike

    Tires: City 16″ x2″

    Cassette/Freewheel: 1-Speed Freewheel

    Seat post: 50mm Battery container telescopic adjustable

    Stem: QR folding, with telescopic height adjustment

    Brake Levers: 3-Finger with cut-off switch

    Brakes: Mechanical Disk-Brake

    Color: Black

    Unfolded dimensions: 152 x 104 x 37 cm (60″ x 41″ x 14.5″)

    Folded dimensions: 73 x 65 x 35 cm (29″ x 25.5″ x 14″)

    Charger: CC-CV 42V 1.5A

    Max power: 250W Rated, 350W Max Power

    Max Speed: 25 km/h

    Range per single charge (average): 30 km

    Max Torque: 40 Nm

    Suitable for: Commutes and pleasure ride mostly paved road People below 100kg weight, up to 185cm (6’2” ft) tall Compact, light-weighted foldable frame to carry on boat, car, plane, transit, etc. Continuous up-hills with 7-8% road grade

    Warranty: Comprehensive 1 year included, 2nd year option +99$



    Lynx 16" Sizing Chart

    The top tube of the bicycle and the ground plane: 19″ (48.26 cm)

    Note: This is a non-traditional bike so minimum leg length does not necessarily guide the bike sizing. We suggest minimum height of the rider to be 5 feet and maximum height to be 6 feet.

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  • FAQ

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Small sized motor with a very simple structure for light weight and a long-lasting life. Motor provides a very high efficiency and a stress-free ride with a high power. Motor gives out a maximum 350W power providing 40 newton-meter max torque making hills flat.


This electric bicycle features a pedal assist sensor which has optimized torque emulation software. The e-assist system eliminates the road grade by selecting the assist level from 0 to 5 through the keypad on handlebar. There is also a power on demand throttle which lets you ride on electric motor only without pedaling. The LCD interface gives access to all monitoring and setting features such as ODO, speed, battery charge level, as well as diagnostics in case of a failure through which you can fix issues yourself using the manuals or with the help of our technical customer service.


The stylish, removable, A-grade Li-Ion battery pack is the key feature of ENVO Lynx-16 where although the battery is hidden in an structural part (seat post) making a clean and minimal design, it is simply accessible for replacement, transport and repairs. It provides average 20km round trip range on level 4-5 of assist or more than 40km on level 1-2.


What Makes ENVO Lynx eBikes The Best In Its Class



Making it lighter did not compromise the top of the line disk brakes, equipped with electric cut-off sensors for more safety.



The ENVO Lynx is built with a solid, super lightweight, stylish and unisex aluminium alloy frame. It can be fitted in a bag not wider than 75CM. Keep 4 folded ebikes in the back of a compact SUV.



The unisex saddles, professionally designed with cuts and curves for high performance pedaling, and wide enough for long upright cruises, are the most relaxing, cushion saddles with ultimate comfort and style for all riders.



16″ x2″ tires, provides enough cushion which improves ride comfort, dynamic manoeuvrability, and handling in different terrains.



Telescopic adjustable height and QR detachable handle bar brings the most compactness when folded without compromising the ergonomic riding posture.



Attach a full size pannier for errands and commutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
G Gerrish
Black Lynx 16” - Good Bike / Questionable Packing

Bike & stowage bag arrived in fair condition although shipping box was seriously compromised - large rips and tears in packaging weakened the bike box considerably and concerned me about what I would find inside. The bike frame inside the box shell was partially wrapped in extra foam type packaging material around the critical components, so no immediately notable issues other than a slightly bent front & rear fender that are now giving me some contact issues with the tires. I am disappointed there was damage which could have been avoided with better packaging/boxing. This was a previously opened box and was not adequately taped or secured. The sides of the box had completely collapsed by the time it got to me - by UPS via another third party shipper.

Tested the ride today for the first time and this one seems to make a fairly audible noise in throttle mode - hard to know if it’s normal or not, but definitely does not run silently. Hoping it’s not also an issue from the shipping. Will need to do more riding to see if this bears out any issues and will be taking it for servicing before doing any additional longer hauls to be sure.

Powers up easily, nice pedal assist even at lowest levels and a reasonably comfortable ride out of the box. No assembly instructions in packaging - but found those online easily enough to assist and troubleshoot the power controller.

Bought this bike for short quick neighbourhood use - it is compact enough for me to carry up and down two flights of stairs…I’m 5’3” and reasonably fit, so carrying it was not too challenging although does require a bit of strength.

Paul Jorgensen
Lynx 16" - Black?

completely awesome so far ..

Wayne Harvey

As a private pilot, there are many airports I wanted to visit, but haven’t in my 20+ years of flying due to lack of available transportation into the town. The folding bike from EBikeBC is perfect for the mission. It’s light, compact, and has enough range to get the job done. As a bonus, it even fits through the baggage door of my Cessna 172! As for the bike’s range, I wanted to test its limits and see how far it would go with my 220 pound frame without peddling. I’m happy to report that on level ground it will go 18 kms, without peddling at all. With peddling, it will likely go double that. I was worried how stable a bike would feel with such small wheels, but it turned out to be a non-issue. It a nice, well made bicycle that looks like it should last many years. The only down side is that the first day I rode it on a bike trail, a kid asked is father, “Hey dad, why is that man riding a kids bike?”

George Y Buktaw

Awesome folding bike ! Enjoying my daily morning ride and errands in the neighborhood of Ladner BC. Money well spent..Five. STARS

John Sario

The bike is compact & not heavy which is one of my first choice, it's almost same weight as my TREK Fuel EX 9.8. I normally use the the bike going to work, i like the bike over all.